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CannaVue Consulting is a leading agricultural business management consulting firm catering to cultivators, processors, manufacturers, and various stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

About Us

Commercial cannabis consulting - Facility staff and managment training. training on pruning of plants gardening how to prune a plant

Our Founding

In 2012, a group of entrepreneurial and passionate cultivators with over two decades of experience in cannabis business operation management founded CannaVue consulting firm. Their wealth of experience spans project development, regulatory compliance & licensing, industrial systems management, HVAC, business management, construction management, data processing, and laboratory research.

Commercial cannabis and hemp prodcution specialist - how to develop trichromes -  strain name og kush sour diesel - using organic grown veganic nutrients -  Flowers

Our Mission

At CannaVue, we prioritize the environment. We aim to offer environmentally conscious solutions, emphasizing sustainable organic cultivation. Our goal is to optimize our clients' business potential while ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

Clean Green Certified Solutions - Contact CannaVue today to hear how your business can get certified Clean Green

Seed to Scale

Our cultivation specialists are committed to assisting businesses throughout their journey. With tailored standard operating procedures, we help create an environment conducive to success, taking businesses from their initial stages right through to full scale operation and post-harvest production process.

Commercial cannabis and hemp production specialists - Greenhouse with automated irrigation - organic gardening with environementally concious solutions
Commercial cannabis and hemp cultivation specialists with organic crop production - natural farming practice - environmentally concious solutions

Management Expertise

Our management professionals focus on crucial production indicators to help businesses meet their strategic objectives. We foster team leadership, devise growth strategies, set production timelines, and ensure cohesive functioning across all departments.

Fertigation and irrgiation design and implementation - commercial irrigation design  contact us today!
Revolutionizing Commercial Cannabis & Hemp Cultivation with Organic Practices  In the world of cannabis cultivation, quality is king. At CannaVue, we understand the importance of producing not just any hemp, but the finest, most potent, and sustainable crop possible. The image you see captures the essence of our commitment to excellence—an expansive sea of lush, green hemp plants, all thriving under the optimal conditions provided in our Clean Green Certified facilities. Organic Gardening Methods for Superior Quality Why settle for less when you can have the best? We employ organic gardening methods to ensure that your hemp plants are free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Our goal is to foster a cultivation environment that mimics natural ecosystems, encouraging healthy growth and maximizing cannabinoid profiles. With our guidance, you'll be able to produce hemp plants that meet the highest quality standards for medical and recreational usage alike. Clean Green Certification:

Extraction Specialists

At CannaVue, our extraction specialists have meticulously crafted manuals, addressing diverse techniques and advanced production.  Our proprietary guides cover various methods such as hydrocarbon, solventless, CO2, and ethanol extraction techniques.

Cannabis and Hemp extration laboratory ETS extraction hydrocarbon lab colorado med rec licensed facility blastproof
Solventless Bubble hash live rosin sop guide how to make
Cannabis and Hemp Extraction specialists

Global Reach & Compliance

With an extensive professional network in the cannabis/hemp industry, we're involved in numerous global projects. Our team remains updated with shifting compliance and regulations, ensuring your business remains profitable, compliant, and ready to scale.

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